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Starting May 30, 2017 - Ending May 31, 2017 Expired

If you need to enroll your student at UHS, please click for instructions and paperwork to complete the process.

Enrollment Information

FCPS provides free public education to eligible Frederick County students age 5 through 20 and also to qualifying pre-school children.

To enroll your student at Urbana High School, you will need to complete an enrollment packet, which is available here, or from our student services office.

In addition to completing the forms the packet contains, you must also provide copies of all applicable documentation listed on the Enrollment Requirements Checklist included in the packet.

Completed packets and documentation are to be returned to the Registrar so that eligibility for enrollment can be determined. This includes but is not limited to verifying that your student resides in the Urbana High School attendance area, that the previous school is not an alternative behavioral placement, and that the student is not suspended or expelled from the previous school. Once enrollment eligibility has been determined parent/legal guardians will be contacted to schedule an enrollment appointment.

To determine if you live in the Urbana High School attendance area, please visit the Transportation Department page of the FCPS website.

Download Enrollment Form