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The Health Room at Urbana High School is staffed by Registered Nurse Jennifer Perry and Health Room Technician Kathy Jesse. The Registered Nurse is assigned to more than one school and is not at Urbana every day but is always available by phone. The Health Room Technician is responsible for administering medications and treating students as delegated and supervised by the Registered Nurse.

Our goal is to keep students healthy and safe so they are able to remain in the classroom and available for learning.  If a student presents to the Health Room with an illness or injury, the Health Room staff will take care of the student and notify parents/guardians as appropriate.

New this year is the Confidential Health and Emergency Information Form. This form contains the same information formerly on the back side of the Emergency Cards which are no longer being used.  It is vital to complete this form accurately and thoroughly to safely care for students during the school day.  This information is also useful to Emergency Medical Service personnel in the event 911 must be called for a student.  Please complete and return this form to the Health Room as soon as possible. Please also keep the Health Room staff informed of any changes to your contact information or any changes in a student's health.  If your student is diagnosed with a communicable disease such as strep throat, pink eye, the flu, etc. please report that information to the Health Room immediately.

Any student requiring medication during the school day (prescription or over-the-counter) must have a "Medication Authorization" form completed by the physician and parent.  If your child requires and EpiPen, the "Authorization for Management of an Allergic Reaction" form should be completed.  An adult must bring medications to the Health Room in the original pharmacy container (prescription medications) or a new unopened package (over-the-counter medications).  All medications and accompanying paperwork must be reviewed by the Registered Nurse before
medication administration can occur.

If you have questions or concerns, please contact the Health Room between 7:00 AM-2:30 PM by calling 240-236-7614.  Have a safe and healthy school year!

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Just a reminder that inhalers are medications which fall under the FCPS Medication Policy. It states that ALL medication brought to school must be accompanied by a Medication Authorization Form that is completed by a physician, in order to be administered while at school. Students are permitted to carry their inhalers on them once the registered nurse has verified the physician’s order and viewed the inhaler.



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