Dress Code

Dress, Appearance, Comportment and Personal Property

Per BOE Policy 439

  1. Students are restricted from wearing clothing that:

  • is unduly revealing (e.g. cut low at the neck or under the arms, exposes bare midriff, pants worn below the hips exposing the student's underwear or skin).

  • promotes illegal or violent conduct such as unlawful use of drugs, alcohol, tobacco, or weapons

  • is obscene, libelous or features sexually offensive or vulgar words, pictures, phrases, drawings, etc.

  • contains derogatory expressions or language demeaning an identifiable person or group such as based on a person's race, color, gender, national origin, religion, sexual orientation, gender identity, or disability that could disrupt or materially interfere with school activities.

  • is specifically gang-related attire.

  • may conceal weapons or other illegal items such as drugs and items that may be used as weapons (metal belts, chains attached to wallets/keys, etc.). Students may be asked to keep such items in their assigned locker during the school day.

  1. Students are prohibited from wearing head gear unless an exception is granted by school administrators. Exceptions may be granted for disability, health reasons, or for sincerely held religious beliefs if such accommodations are reasonable and do not pose a hardship for the school. Exceptions may also be made for spirit week celebrations or for extracurricular and athletic related purposes, as approved by the school administrator.

  2. State regulations require the wearing of shoes in public places at all times.

  3. Students are expected to follow all school rules governing safety in specialized programs that may require the wearing of protective clothing, safety glasses, proper foot protection, or other similar requirements.

  4. Students may be restricted from wearing an item of clothing or article which impedes their ability to be fully engaged and participate in instruction.

  5. Excessive public display of affection is unacceptable behavior and will result in a warning, then a call home with possible further disciplinary action. .

  6. Laser pointers are not permitted in school. They will be confiscated, taken to the school office, and may be retrieved only by a parent/guardian of the student.

  7. The school is NOT responsible for lost or stolen personal property items. School staff will not be responsible to searching for, or replacing lost or stolen items.

  8. Audio or videotaping without prior approval is a violation of personal rights and is a violation of Maryland State law.