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Successful academic achievement and student attendance are directly correlated. Students are expected to maintain acceptable attendance with absence from school only for lawful reasons. Unlawful absences may result in lowering of grades, ineligibility for extracurricular activities, disciplinary action, and failures. The following attendance procedures and policies will be followed. 

1.  Within two days of returning to school following an absence, the student must bring a note from the parent or guardian. These notes must contain the date(s) and reason(s) for the absences(s), as well as the signature of the parent or guardian. The note will be presented to the Attendance Office before school. Parents may write notes for up to ten (10) days of students’ absences due to illness during the school year. Ten days of absence, lawful or unlawful, in a school year is considered excessive. Students with excessive absences are required to provide official documentation for each additional absence. This means a note from a doctor, dentist, court official, counselor, or other agency is now required whenever your child is absent from school. In some cases, students with ongoing physical conditions may use a single doctor’s note to excuse a number of absences. If this is the case, please contact the school to discuss this possibility.

2.  Parents are encouraged to always get a doctor’s note whenever their child is absent due to an illness and is seen by a doctor.

3.  If a student must leave before the end of the school day, a written request by the parent or guardian for permission to do so must be submitted to the Attendance Office by 7:30 a.m. on the day for which the request is made. This note must contain the daytime phone number where the parent can be reached for verification purposes. Students should pick up their passes for dismissal in the Attendance Office during class changes or at lunch. This pass must be shown to the teacher from whose class he/she is to be excused. Students must check out at the Attendance Office before leaving school and when returning. Students are not permitted to leave school at any time during the school day without checking out through Attendance. Violation of this procedure will result in disciplinary action. Parents are not to call or text students directly to leave school for any reason. All early dismissals must be handled through the Attendance Office. 

4.  Students who are involved in extracurricular activities must attend school for the entire day to be eligible to practice or participate in any after-school activity including athletics. In the case of extenuating circumstances, the school administration may waive this rule. Students who are absent or arrive late (legal or illegal) are ineligible to compete, practice, or participate that day unless they have a doctor’s note or legal document, and have received prior approval from the administration. Morning work-study and FCC students must attend afternoon classes until time of dismissal or otherwise are ineligible to participate. Those students who have a doctor’s appointment must have written permission from the doctor to participate in after-school activities on the day of the doctor’s appointment. 

5.  The school day begins at 7:30 a.m. It is important to be on time! If the student arrives at school after the 7:30 a.m. bell he/she must report immediately to the attendance office for a late slip. Excessive tardiness is not accepted or excused. Parents may write notes for up to ten (10) days of late to school due to illness per semester. Additional lates will require an official doctor’s note to be excused as lawful.

6.  Unexcused late to school for each term will be treated as follows Students arriving late to class after 7:30 AM :

• 1st and 2nd late--warning
• 3rd late--ASR (2:30-4pm)  
• 4th late--2 ASR Sessions (2:30-4pm)
• 5th late--2 ASR Sessions (2:30-4pm)

7.  Students who take vacation leave with their parents may be excused no more than twice during a year for a combined maximum of five (5) days. Visits by students to prospective colleges are excused up to four (4) days per year. The Attendance Office has permission forms for vacation, college visits and approved activities to obtain make up work. Students must hand deliver the absent notes to the Attendance Office and the students will then be given the form. All absences for family trips will be honored as excused with prior administrative approval. In unusual circumstances a principal may allow additional visits by excusing these absences. If the student returns from vacation earlier than the date indicated on the note, please advise the Attendance Office as soon as possible.