AP Testing

CollegeBoard (CB) Accounts and AP Classroom

ALL students taking an AP class, including those who do not intend on taking the associated AP exam, must have a CollegeBoard account.  Once an account is created, students will need to join AP Classroom using the Join Code provided by the teacher.

Students should use the following for their CB accounts:

  • Full legal name to avoid confusion and duplicate accounts
  • Personal email address to ensure access after graduation

Contact CollegeBoard at (888) 225-5427 for help.

AP Exam Registration and Dates

  • All AP exam registrations and payments will be done through Total Registration (TR): https://user.totalregistration.net/AP/210671

  • UHS will cover the TR processing fee (approx. $4) for any students who take an AP exam.

  • 10/1/21 to 10/29/21:  Exam registration and payment for 1st semester and year long AP classes. 2nd semester classes will register in February. An additional fee of $40 will be charged for late registrations.

AP Exam Fees

  • CollegeBoard has increased the cost per AP Exam by $1 to $95 for 2021-22. 

  • Students who are eligible for fee reduction will be charged $20 per exam.  Eligibility is based on FARM (Free and Reduced Meals) status.  Please be aware that the FARM application must be completed every year.  You can find the application on the FCPS Food & Nutrition website, fcpsnutrition.com.

  • Late Fees

    • Late Orders (if ordered after 10/29/21) = $40 per exam in addition to base exam fee

    • Late Exams (if the scheduled exam is missed and a make-up is needed) = $40 per exam in addition to base exam fee.  A fee may not be charged based on the reason the exam was missed.

    • Unused/cancelled exams = $40 (replaces the base exam fee)  Students will also be responsible for the Total Registration processing fee of approx. $4 for unused/ cancelled exams.


Contact your teacher or AP Coordinator, Mr. Matheny (cory.matheny@fcps.org), if you have any questions, comments, or concerns.