About Urbana Elementary School

Urbana Elementary School


URBANA ELEMENTARY has successfully served the families and children of Urbana, in southern Frederick County, for over 59 years. Working together, school staff and families accomplish our mission to “awaken in all students an intellectual curiosity that will lead to achievement.”

UES staff and parents are committed to providing an inviting, supportive, challenging and fun school environment. Highly accomplished, dedicated staff, children who are ready to learn, an award-winning Parent Teacher Association and an extensive parent volunteer program result in valuable learning opportunities.

The heart of our school improvement plan is student achievement. Major objectives include continuous improvement in language arts and math, student attendance and home-school communication.

We are proud of our well-rounded program that includes opportunities to study computer-animated art or join our chorus or band. Each spring we hold an Arts Festival to showcase student talents. 

Also unique to Urbana Elementary is our student mentoring program and  inclusive special education Pre-K program.

For well over 20 years, UES has hosted part of the county’s elementary gifted and talented magnet program.

As our school motto says, we believe our students will be “learning today, leading tomorrow.”