Bullying and Harassment Information

Stop Bullying
Stop Bullying

Everyone has the right to feel respected and be treated with dignity. At FCPS we believe schools must be safe, provide an optimal environment for achievement and be free from violence.

FCPS teachers establish clear behavior standards and make every effort to:
     *Be aware of problems
     *Provide proper guidance and supervision
     *Consistently and fairly enforce policies

Bullying incidents, however, tend to occur out of sight of school staff. Research and experience show that a comprehensive approach that includes students and parents has the most promise in reducing bullying and the harm it causes.

Report Bullying
It is not helpful to simply tell a child to ignore bullying or encourage a child to fight the bully.

Children need a trusted adult to turn to when they feel threatened. It is important to contact the school counselor, administrator or teacher to report bullying because it may not stop without help.

To report bullying, use the FCPS Bullying, Harassment or Intimidation Reporting Form available under Resources on this page and in school offices.

If bullying happens outside of school, families can call:

     *211 for community resource information
     *Law enforcement if threats or physical harm occur

Learn more about bullying and harassment in the FCPS Prevent Bullying brochure, linked under Resources (above right).  Information is also in the FCPS Calendar Handbook and Regulation 400-48.

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