Mrs. Fuller's Favorite Web Places

Here are some of my favorite places for 2nd grade students to visit!  I have also included some resources for parents.  I add to this list often, as we learn new things and as I find new websites that support our learning.  Please send me any recommendations!  

Don't forget to click the "Media Center" tab here on the TuES homepage to get to the list of our databases.  Some of these are WONDERFUL for at-home reading and learning.  (You need log-in information from school.  Contact me if you need it!)

English/Language Arts

Parents:Reading Rockets  A site with a variety of articles, strategies, and other resources for growing good readers in school and at home.

Parents:Getting Boys to Read  A great site full of articles dedicated to motivating our BOYS to get reading! 

Parents:Scholastic Reading Club Go here for online ordering of Scholastic Reading Club books. Ask your child about our new books so far this year :)  Contact me for more information, instructions, or book recommendations!

Kevin Henkes  One of our favorite Authors' website.  Check out all the MOUSE books, including,Sheila Rae, The Brave.

National Geographic KIDS  Visit to learn about tons of things, including many different interesting animals.

Puzzle Maker  Click here to make your own Word Find puzzles for Word Study homework or go here just for fun!

Giggle Poetry  Click here to read some FUNNY poems.  Silly, humorous poems have become favorite things in our 2nd grade class!

Base 10 Blocks  A digital way to represent, regroup, and otherwise PLAY with numbers.  We use the real ones in class sometimes, so students should be familiar.

MATH GAMES - Sheppard Software  check out this site for free math games.  Some games are challenging for 2nd graders!

Timed Fact Tests  Parents, set up a math fact test for your child!


Life Cycles
 A great resource from the National Gardening Association.

How to Grow Giant Sunflowers  One of my new favorite gardening sites tells you how to grow that sunflower as tall as possible!

Catoctin Creek Park and Nature Center You can visit this great nature center and park with your family!  It's not just for field trips.  Check out the website, you can even have your birthday party there!

Kid's Garden Tips fun activities to do with your garden, information about growing veggies, fruits, plants, and flowers.  How to grow plants indoors when you don't have room outside.


Solids and Liquids model  Test different solids to see when they melt into a liquid and 
freeze back into a solid!

"Grow Your Own Rock Candy!"

Finding the Moon
Orbit Simulator  A really cool example of how the moon orbits Earth and how Earth orbits the sun!

Moon Calendar  Change the date to any day, past or future, to see what the moon will look like.  This is what we used in class when we didn't see the moon with our eyes!

Social Studies

US Census Bureau: State Facts for Students  A government site to give students all the facts about all the states!  Really interesting!