Routines and Rules

In order to make the best of our time together, there are important routines and rules in our classroom.

At the beginning of the year we really focus on these things so that the rest of the year can run like a well-oiled machine!

School rules:
Be Respectful
Be Responsible
Be Safe
Be Kind

Every rule you can think of can be catergorized into one of our four school rules.  Tuscarora Timberwolves should always strive to be kids of character, and our school rules help us to remember.

Mrs. Fuller's 2nd grade has some specific rules and routines to supplement our TuES rules.

1.  Bring your required items to school every day including your homework and other materials we use at home and at school.  Keep track of your school supplies and let someone know when you need new ones.  Be ready to go in the morning before the announcements are over by eating your breakfast, unpacking, turning in work, sharpening pencils, and using the bathroom before you do anything else. (Responsibility!) 

2.  Only raise your hand when others are finished talking.  Listen while someone else is sharing their ideas, answers, directions, or questions.  This rule includes your teacher, other teachers, and other students. (Respect!)

3.  You may stand up to work independently, but you must stand behind your chair.  Always push your chair into your desk before you leave your desk. (Safety!)

4.  Only use friendly words with your classmates.  We are working together as a family to make sure everyone feels comfortable in our classroom.  People can't learn when they feel uncomfortable.  (Kindness!)