Kid Sites

Here are some cool sites for you!!! (Click on the blue word for the link.)

Kidblog - This site is for us to share blogs on wonderful books we have read and would like to share with one another in our class. (You must use the username and password you received to enter this site).

Time for Kids Magazine

National Geographic for Kids

Math games (This site has lots of cool games to help students practice different math concepts.)

Coolmath games (This is the site you all love to play in school!)

Subtraction games

Basic Subtraction games

Multiplication games (This has really cool games to help you practice your facts.)

Scholastic (This site can help you find great books to read plus games for you to play)

Madlibs A cool way to practice your parts of speech!

ABCYA This site has many different grade level games from word study to math

Maryland Roots Learn more about the Maryland colony.