Welcome To Tuscarora Elementary Music!!

Mr. Elliott Carriere, Mr. John Widmann, Ms. Michele Delarosa, and Ms. Christina Caulfield head up our music programs here at Tuscarora Elementary School. 

General Music Classes
Students attend general music classes twice a week for 40 minutes.  All grade levels explore concepts involving rhythm, music notation, music history, expressive elements, tone color, melodic elements, and much more.  Activities such as singing, listening, movement, playing instruments, playing games, writing, and more, are used to help master the above concepts.  The mastery of these concepts will enable students to gain a deep appreciation and understanding of music as it relates to their everyday lives, history, and culture.  In addition, many students will be well prepared for future experiences in band, orchestra, choir, and theatre.  

4th and 5th grade band members meet once a week.  If you would like more information in regards to band, please contact Ms. Michele Delarosa ( or Ms. Christina Caulfield (


Chorus meets with Mr. Carriere and Mr. Widmann once a week before school and is available to all interested 4th and 5th grade students.  The Timberwolves Chorus has the oppurtunity to perform at venues such as Tuscarora High School, Harry Grove Stadium (Keys Stadium), and on their own stage here at Tuscarora Elementary School.

Timberwolves School Song 
(click here to listen)

We are the Tuscarora Timberwolves
We work together to achieve
Our character shines through, in everything we do
In everyone of us we believe

Verse 1
Our teachers are the best and our parents are so cool
Together we work, to make a great school
Whether at work, or outside at play
Timberwolves know how to have a great day (refrain)

Verse 2
When we work together there is nothing we cannot do
So hand in hand if you help me I’ll help you
Take a look inside our school and you will surely see
Just how awesome the Timberwolves can be (refrain)

Our Main Music Room