Kathy Leber, Guidance

The goal of the guidance program is to promote and enhance learning for all students. The program offers proactive and preventative services and helps support the individual student's progress toward achieving success in academic, personal, and social areas. A variety of services and activities designed to address the student's needs are provided in our small group guidance lessons, classroom guidance lessons, parent and teacher consultations, student programs, and resource materials on social and emotional issues.

Developmental social skills are taught to individuals, in small groups and through classroom lessons. Classroom lessons may cover various topics such as friendship, self-esteem, self-control, conflict resolution, equity and diversity, problem solving, decision making, coping and social skills. Small groups are offered twice a year. Topics for these groups may include changing families, grief, anger management, coping with stress and social skills, friendship, self-esteem and self-control. Referrals for small groups are made by parents, guardians, and school staff. These groups usually meet once a week for 6-8 weeks. If you feel that your child may benefit form participating in a specific group, please contact Mrs. Leber.

I help to coordinate the Character Counts!, PBIS and Peer Mentor programs. Many students recognize me as Pete the Perch. Pete is a friendly fish who appears on the morning announcements and visits classrooms. Pete is a puppet who teaches students friendship and social skills and reinforces our character counts program.

I also support students who are facing a recent difficulty or crisis. If I am aware of any special problems or issues that your child or family may be facing, I can try to help or support both your child and your family. I can help parents get connected with some resources in the community. It is important to remember that when school personnel and parents work together, it is a winning combination for children. Please contact me if I can help your child in any way. I can be contacted during school hours by phone, 240-566-0045 or email, kathleen.leber@fcps.org. Together parents, school staff and the community can help students achieve success and reach their potential at Tuscarora Elementary.

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