Denise Davis

Denise Davis

Class News

Science Students are starting the Design unit and will end the school year with this unit.

Language Arts: Students have started their poetry project and will be presenting their poem to the class this week.  We will wrap up poetry next week and end our school year with informational texts.

Writing:  Students will continue thier opionion writing unit and discuss how reading is important to writing.  We will end the school year with students writing and performing their plays.  

Math: Students have completed their geometry unit and have gone back to fraction work.  Students will end the school year with a review of multiplication and division strategies.  

Homework: Please check agenda books nightly for homework information. As a rule, reading homework will always be to read for 20 minutes nightly. There is typically math homework on M-Th. Homework should be taking no more than 40 minutes nightly. If your child has spend more that 40 minutes, stop, and write a note in their agenda.



May 12 - 2 hour early dismissal
May 19 - PTA carnival after school
May 26 - Field Day, 4th grade wears blue shirts.  Also, 2 hour early dismissal
May 29 - Memorial Day, schools are closed.
June 6 - 4th grade End of Year Party, 2:00-3:00
June 9 - Last Day of School, 2 hour early dismissal