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FCPS Perceptual Survey 2019

FCPS is inviting all parents/guardians of FCPS students to participate in the family survey. Participation is voluntary. The survey is available in English or Spanish. There is also a paper version available. For this or other assistance please contact the TuES front office. Note: (Parents/guardians are asked to complete only one survey, regardless if they have more than one child in the school). Link to online survey is below.

Select FCPS students will be taking a different version of the survey as well. More information is in the 1/24 Thursday folder. 

TuES Young Author Contest Winners

Congratulations to the following students! Their entries have been selected as the winning pieces in the TuES Young Authors’ Contest. We are very proud of all of the TuES writers that participated in the contest.  Keep looking for opportunities to show what you are learning about the craft of writing!
TuES Young Authors’ Contest Winners:
Second Grade Poem: Naomi R.
Second Grade Short Story: Logan W.
Third Grade Poem: Gabrielle C.
Third Grade Short Story: Phoenix S.
Fourth Grade Poem: Nkem A.
Fourth Grade Short Story: Madeline H.
Fifth Grade Poem Nitya R.
Fifth Grade Short Story: Josie B.

Honorable Mentions: Adrian A., Madison A., Dylan M., Isca A.

TuES Young Authors selected as best in the county

Winners of the TuES Young Authors contest advanced to the county level. TuES is very proud that 2 of our students were selected as the best in the county and will now move onto the state level. Congratulations!

Fifth Grade Poem:        Nitya R., Tuscarora Elementary
Fifth Grade Story:         Josie B., Tuscarora Elementary


A Friendly Reminder

The bell starting the school day rings 8:55 AM. Students are not considered late until 9:00 AM. If your child arrives after 9:00 AM they need to enter through the Main entrance to receive their late pass.

Next Week is Kindness Week at TuES

Our school will be celebrating National School Counseling Week during the week of January 28-February 1. Students will be invited to participate in “The Great Kindness Challenge.” The students will also be encouraged to complete random acts of kindness all week at school and at home. We will talk about how important it is to pass kindness on in our world. We will listen to messages about how kindness spreads and how every little act of kindness helps our world.

Wed. Jan. 30 - we invite students and staff to wear red or pink to remind us that kindness and caring work together to spread love.

Fri. Feb. 1 - all students and staff are invited to wear any type of sweatshirt, T-shirts, pins, etc. that represent institutions of learning or careers or hobbies. (Some examples of these would be college or any type of school or career, sports teams, 4-H, Boy and Girls Scouts, clubs or hobby logo shirts.)

Parents may want to take a few minutes this week to talk with your children about what kindness means to them. Parents can go to the website thegreatkindnesschallenge.com and register to use some of the family resources to practice acts of kindness in their community. Give your children some real life examples of kindness you have done for others or have been done for you.

HAPPY SCHOOL COUNSELING WEEK. Remember that Mrs. K. Leber, our school counselor and Mrs. M. Leber, our Behavioral Support Teacher are here to encourage and support all students and their families. Our direct numbers are Mrs. K. Leber 240-566-0045 and Mrs. M. Leber 240-566-0068. Thanks for your caring and commitment to your children

FCPS Magnet Nominations

The magnet program is designed for academically gifted students in grades 3 – 5 with superior performance in both language arts and mathematics.  Nomination booklets, which will be available beginning January 25, 2019, may be obtained from the school office, the FCPS Office of Advanced Academics or online at https://www.fcps.org/academics/elemmagnetprg.  After January 25, 2019, the Office of Advanced Academics will be accepting nominations of present second through fourth grade students for possible placement in the magnet program for the 2019 - 2020 school year. .

Students may be nominated for the magnet program by school staff, parents or jointly.  Parents and teachers are encouraged to review information, including academic behaviors and characteristics of gifted students, that is posted at https://www.fcps.org/academics/elemmagnetprg.  Teacher nominations, parent nominations and a completed Parent/Guardian Rating Form are due in the school office by February 28, 2019, so that tests can be administered and information required to complete the nomination packet may be gathered by school staff. 

If you have questions, please contact the Office of Advanced Academics at 301-696-6891.


Reading at the Mall

The Frederick County Literacy Council is hosting “Reading in the Mall” on February 9th at FSK Mall. This is a great event to promote reading and a great way for students to get a free book of their choice, meet Clifford the Big Red Dog and to enjoy a read aloud for both English, Spanish, and ASL speakers.

Kindergarten Registration

Kindergarten registration for the 2019-2020 school year will open on Monday, March 18, 2019. The following documents are required at the time of registration:

  • Child's Birth Certificate
  • Most Recent Immunizations
  • Proof of Residency (a current gas, electric, water/sewer bill, property tax bill or signed lease agreement)



Pack Pride

Each edition of the Timberwolf Times will feature writing by our Timberwolf Time Student Staff. Please enjoy some of their work below.

Mr. Rhodes TuES’  Lead Custodian By Aiden R.            

    Did you know Mr.Rhodes is  the lead custodian at Tuscarora? He maintains the health and safety of the students and teachers at Tuscarora Elementary School.  Did you know that Mr.Rhodes has never been interviewed before by a student for the Timberwolf Times? How could that be? He is such a great custodian! Here is what I learned when I talked with him recently. 
    Basically his job is to maintain the safety of all people in the building and keep the students healthy and safe. He does this by keeping the school and the grounds clean and maintained. He takes care of the building and makes sure everything is working correctly. His job is to supervise the other custodians and work with the maintenance staff such as the electricians and plumbers that come to check on our building. Mr.Rhodes has been working at Tuscarora ES ever since it opened. At the beginning of this school year he will have been the head custodian for 15 years. As the head custodian, Mr. Rhodes supervises the work of the other custodians,  He is here to open the building, set up chairs and take down the chairs when outside groups use the building. He also has to take on more serious clean ups. He takes good care of our school. The teachers are always happy when the new school year begins because the building always looks so clean and shiny.
    Mr. Rhodes’ job is not the most fun part of his day, but he knows when he's doing it he's containing and fighting germs to keep us safe.  When Mr. Rhodes was growing up he went to these schools: Clarksburg Elementary, Baker Junior High and Damascus High. Did you know that Mr.Rhodes owns his own commercial cleaning company?  He's really awesome. He has also never taught any classes. 
    Mr.Rhodes is a father of 1 son. He also has a wife! One of his hobbies is wood working. He also loves building things as well. Mr.Rhodes  is a great man. He keeps our school clean and neat by his great dedication and commitment to our school. I want to give a special thanks to Mr. Rhodes and  the whole crew of custodians that work with him. Our school is clean, neat and safe because of their hard work.They are amazing people who deserve amazing praise.Thank you for all that you do!!!

No more Tenmarks! By Chris H.

    Tenmarks is an education math program that students use to help them get practice math skills with the goal to become better at math. But this is the final year of Tenmarks. Mrs Hawk, a math specialist at our school, shared  this is the final year of Tenmarks. Apparently, the founders are just not interested in maintaining Tenmarks anymore even though it is going pretty strong. The new math program to replace this is unknown. Mrs. Hawk feels it might be related to Learnzillion or other math resources. She also said, “Since this is the final year of tenmarks we should get on the program as much as possible so we can use it as much as possible before it is gone”.

5th grade Goes on the Geology Field Trip By Jasiri B.

    The 5th-grade went on a two day field trip. It was the geology trip. This trip is about being outside all day, climbing a mountain, and learning about the great outdoors and its history. It took place at Sugarloaf Mountain in early December. The second day was rescheduled due to snow. I interviewed Mrs. Tucker, the 5th-grade team leader, to learn more about this field trip. She said that this will be the 4th time she has done this field trip. She loves this field trip, too. Her favorite teacher on the trip is Mr. Carter. He is a teacher on the geology field trip, and he was mine.  
    On Day 1 students started by using the 5th-grade bathrooms, then we went into the cafeteria and were talked to about the rules. Then we lined up with teachers that we were assigned. Next, we boarded the bus and drove to the first stop which is near Sugarloaf Mountain. We learned about rocks. Then we got to break them so we can save and collect them. After that the bus driver had us play a trivia game. Boys vs Girls. 
    Later on we boarded the bus and went to a historic bridge. We learned about it and then had lunch. We went up to Sugarloaf Mountain to eat. We drove up a little bit more and then we hiked it from the lunch area, we were so high up we could see Washington, D.C! 
    When we reached the top we walked down the steps.  Mr. Carter asked us to count how many quartzite steps there were and whoever got the right answer or close to it would get points which were awarded to the team who got it correct. 
On Day 2, we went into a quarry. A quarry is a big hole in the ground that has ore, rocks, and minerals. We learned about the man who owns it, and the business battle the man who owns the quarry had with another quarry owner.  Then we went to a national park, we ate lunch and then went inside the lodge and learned about the Native Americans. Mr. Carter asked us about certain things that we could find the answer at The National Park. After that, we went to a place where we could mine rocks and take them to your classroom. 
The difference on each day is that we went to different places and did certain things that you did on both days but at different times. Overall this trip was great because I love the outdoors and learning about it. I loved climbing Sugarloaf Mountain. I am so glad that I went.

Important Dates

1/28  School Closed (Teacher Work Day)

2/6    PTA Meeting 6 pm
2/18  School Closed (President's Day)
2/23  PTA Masquerade Ball 5:30-9:00PM