Timberwolf Times



PTA Meeting

6-7 pm in the Library. *(Free childcare provided by YMCA) 

PTA Holiday Shop (Tuesday and Thursday)

December 4, 6, 11 & 13 8:30-8:55 am in the Auxiliary Gym.  Students Only

Picture Makeup Day & Students New to TuES

Thursday, December 6 is Picture Retake Day and Picture day for new students.  If you wish to have your child’s picture retaken, please send them with their picture package.  New students and students who were absent on picture day should bring their picture order form with payment.  Even if you are not purchasing pictures, this will be your child’s yearbook picture. 

TuES Giving Tree

With the holidays approaching, TuES is once again supporting our families who may need a little extra help this year.  Beginning Tuesday, 12/4, gift tags will be hanging on a tree in the front hallway.  Each tag has the gender, age, and gift idea for a needy student at our school.

If you would like to participate, pick a tag of your choice.  After purchasing gifts, place the tag on the outside of the wrapped gift and return it to the front office by Monday, 12/17.

Other ideas for gifts may include toys, socks, pajamas, coats, mittens, books, board games, action figures, stuffed animals, pants, shirts, etc.  This is a wonderful way to share the spirit of the season by giving to others.

If you have any questions about the tree, please contact Kathy Leber, School Counselor, at 240-566-0045 or kathy.leber@fcps.org

TuES Winter Workshop

The PTA will be hosting its annual Winter Workshop on Thursday, December 13, from 6:30-8:00 PM. There will be lots of crafts and fun. Don't miss out!

This event is open to one and all. Admission is $1 per child.



Attending a School Outside Your Attendance Area

Dates for applying to attend a school outside the usual attendance area are January 2-March 1.*

FCPS will post the out-of-district application online on January 2 in the section For Families and Students at www.fcps.org. Those needing assistance may call 240-236-2493 after January 2.

Schools projected to be over capacity in the coming school year are closed to out-of-district students. FCPS will post the list of restricted schools online in December.

For details, please see the updated Assignment and Transfer of Students Regulation 400-15:

*In the prior version of the regulation in place last year, the application window was April 1-May 31. In 2019, FCPS will post applications January 2, due by March 1.


Lost & Found

With the arrival of winter our Lost & Found has swelled with garments looking for their home. Please have your student check the Lost & Found for missing items. All items left at the start of Winter Break will be donated to charity.

Pack Pride

Each edition of the Timberwolf Times will feature writing by our Timberwolf Time Student Staff. Please enjoy some of their work below.

Mr. Collins joins First Grade by Aiden R.            

Did you know Mr.Collins is one of our newest teachers at Tuscarora? He's been teaching for a full 2 months. We think he is doing a great job! He loves teaching and it's been one of his passions since he was in 1st grade. We think he's great because he loves to be with students every single day!

Mr. Collins is from Fallston, MD.   He was born in Guatemala and when he was adopted at 4 months old, he moved to MD. He went to Homestead WakeField, Fallston Middle School and Fallston High. He got his bachelor’s degree from Mount St. Mary’s University last year. One of his teachers in college was Dr. Barbara Marinack. He did his student teaching at Tuscarora ES last year with Ms. Grady in 4th grade.  

Mr. Collins likes teaching first grade, but  he would move up to  higher grades and administration in the future, if he gets a chance! His favorite subject is reading. His hobbies are music, hiking, relaxing and watching netflix and cooking as well. He's an awesome teacher and his students like him a lot. Well, we can all agree Mr.Collins is a very nice, cool teacher. I can say so myself because he was a substitute teacher in my class last year a couple of times and he was awesome. Welcome to Tuscarora ES, Mr. Collins. We are so glad you are a part of the pack. Stay as awesome as you are!


Mrs. Heaton joins 5th grade by Jasiri B.

Mrs. Heaton was a fourth-grade teacher at Tuscarora ES last year. Over the summer she got married. Mrs. Heaton moved up to 5th grade because Dr. M asked her if she wanted to. She really loves her kids that are in her class. She thinks they’re wonderful. She became a teacher because of her 9th-grade calculus teacher, Mr. Kennedy. Her favorite thing about 5th grade is her kids that she is teaching. Another thing that Mrs. Heaton likes about 5th grade is the fact that her students are more independent.

Ms. Heaton grew up in Hagerstown, MD. She met Bill Nye, the science guy once, and she got an award when she met him. 

Her favorite type of food is Italian because she was born in Italy. Mrs. Heaton uses the quote “Mama Mia” because she is Italian.  She hates squid though. When we I asked her what her hobbies were she replied, “Who has time for hobbies when you have 5 kids and a bunch of pets?” She then said that decor was her hobby.


Having a Watchdog Dad by Mackenzie M.

Having a Watch Dog dad was very fun. He wore a special shirt and so did me and my sister. My dad loved being a watchdog dad because he got to see me and my sister, Peyton do our work in school. When I knew that my dad was going to be a Watchdog, I got excited and I knew that I would have fun with him. When he came in my classroom and watched us do our work, it was awesome.  I was so happy to have him with me for the day.

The day started when we were on the announcements. I was nervous because I kept smiling, shaking, and rubbing my hands together.The most fun thing was having my dad watching other people do different things. When I had lunch with him it was so much fun. I am looking at him eating lunch and he is almost done but I was still eating. He eats really fast.

At the end of the day, when we were in my classroom he heard some people read their finished stories. He liked them. When we went to our seats he went to the media center. At the media center, he had to fill out a paper. Then the speaker that said, “Car riders, you are dismissed.”  My sister and I went to the front office. My dad was there sitting in a chair waiting for us. When we got to the front office we changed into our regular shirts. Then we walked home to our house. It was a great day. He might come back next year.

Important Dates

12/5     PTA Meeting 6 pm
12/6     Picture Re-Take & New Student Photo Day 9-10 am
12/13   PTA Winter Workshop 6-8 pm
12/14   School Dismisses 2 hours Early (1:30 pm)

12/24   School Closed (Winter Break)

1/2    School Reopens from Winter Break
1/2    PTA Meeting 6 pm
1/15  TuES Chorus Concert
1/21  School Closed (Martin Luther King, Jr. Day)

1/28  School Closed (Teacher Work Day)