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 View the video below to see FCPS Curriculum Specialist Chris Horne discuss the steps it takes to complete your science fair project.  The video explains the different types of projects you can complete (research or experiment based) and the steps required to complete each one.

Science Fair Entry Form
This form is due Friday February 3.  This form describes your project and is necessary for TuES staff to know which category your project falls under and to make sure you have all of the materials you need for your display.
Display Board Headings
Here are the different headings you can use on your science fair board to make sure you have every part of your experiment completed.
Science Fair Guide
This science fair guide can help you with many different aspects of your science fair project.  There is information about the different types of projects you can do as well as information about how to set up your science fair board.
Science Fair Timeline

Use this timeline to help you stay on track with your science fair project.  Feel free to work ahead of this schedule, but keep in mind that your project is expected to be in school no later than Monday February 27th!


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