Vision Classroom Management

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Vision - Classroom management software for the 21st century

Frederick County Public Schools has Vision software for all secondary schools. Below are some resources to help you get started with the program. 


UPDATE: A new list of screencasts has been prepared for Vision 7.  Click here to access a document with links to each screencast.

Vision Classroom Management software allows you to proactively monitor (and in some cases control) students' computer lab activities.  Teachers can see what all students are individually viewing on their monitors, and can take control of all student desktops with the click of a button.  Students are locked out of their computers at this point- allowing the teacher to get everyone's attention for a quick set of instructions or even for an on-screen demonstration of a concept.  

Teachers can see a random view of various computer screens in the room, and can broadcast one student's monitor and actions to the rest of the class.  This increases student productivity as it aids in student learning and time spent on task.  Click here to watch a four minute on-screen demonstration. 

Classroom Connections

  • Demonstrations- Show students how to complete a task on their monitor, or share best student practices.
  • Chat feature - Teachers can remind a student to get back on track with a personal message, or can send a message or file to a group of students. 
  • Surf-lock - Deny students the opportunity to view certain sites, or allow them to only browse a few select sites.
  • Blank screen - Lock out all student monitors, keyboards and mice to quickly direct them to a different activity

Equipment Needed

  • Vision classroom management software
  • Networked room of computers
  • Master computer to control other machines

Web Resources from Geneva Logic


Training Resources: