Virtual Classroom Management


Online Stopwatch - count up or count down, multiple timers to choose

Time Me - can count up or down, with or without an alarm, in a loop or not, and in various colors, sizes and fonts Timer - just add the time in seconds or minutes at the end of the URL


Noise Monitors

Bouncy Balls - spheres bounce when noise levels increase

Calmness Counter - unplug webcams and turn the volume of the speakers down, then increase or decrease the sensitivity of the sound to gauge noise level

Traffic Light Flash File - click on the stop light colors to indicate volume (.swf file can be embedded in an ActivInspire flipchart)

Traffic Light Flash File - award points within each of the stop light colors (.swf file can be embedded in an ActivInspire flipchart)

Brain Breaks

Videos from A Turn to Learn blog - (Open in Firefox) a collection of mostly primary videos from You Tube

Just Dance - Symbaloo with YouTube videos linked through for primary students


Point Trackers

Class Dojo - online class management system, see FCPS TRT Class Dojo page for additional information

Whiteboard Quiz Scorer - two team quiz scorer keeps track of points up to 10 questions

Class Badges - free, online tool where teachers can award badges for student accomplishments (Class Badges flipchart)

Class Charts - data-rich seating charts and behavior management


Random Name Selector

Class Tools - embeddable fruit machine random name generator

Funny Animals - flipchart page with customizable names

Who's Next Bunnies - flipchart page with different class sizes

Seasonal Names - flipchart page for each season

Jelly Beans - flipchart page with numbers on each jelly bean



Chart Jungle - Use educational chart images in Promethean flipcharts to manage homework, reading, etc.


Additional Promethean Resources 

Marble Jar - flipchart page with marbles set to drag a copy to fill an empty jar

Compliment Jar - flipchart page with fuzz balls to fill an empty jar

Classroom Management Resource Pack - Open or Save in My Resources

Timer Resource Pack - Open or Save in My Resources


Apps for iOS

Stick Pick - ($2.99) swipe, tap, or shake the virtual popsicle sticks to call on students randomly with over 140 question stems categorized into Bloom's, Bloom's Revised, and ESL.  Level-appropriate question stems appear on the screen for each student.  Formative assessment data can be saved and shared. 

Book Retriever - ($0.99) manage book borrowing with students