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Trello Logo

Trello is a collaborative planning tool that lets you plan projects, plan lessons or untis, organize your writing, create science labs, planning professional development events, or any other task that requires you to plan and assign tasks to a group of students or teachers.


Curriculum Connections

  • Project Based Learning
  • Multi-day Science Labs
  • Writing Process
  • Graphic Organizer
  • Sorting

Equipment Needed

All you need to use Trello is a computer with internet access and an email address in which to use to set up a free account.  Students under 13 should not create their own accounts while in schools, but could have access to a teacher's account or an Edcanvas project created to link content.

Apps Available


Trello's help web site containst 37 short "How to" cards that can get you quickly creating your own project boards. 

Trello Playlist - YouTube playlist of Trello tutorials from various contributors.

Below is a the Trello Introduction video from YouTube.

Training Resources: