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The classroom technology cart is a set of hardware components that allow educators and students to interact with multimedia and electronic data.  Classroom technology carts commonly consist of a cart with a powerstrip and slide-out keyboard shelf, data projector, document camera, a DVD player and a power monitor speaker. 

Purchasing Information

The cart's components are found on the FCPS Purchasing siteUsers must be on a networked computer to access this Intranet site.  Here you will find links to the data projector and document camera.  If you need to purchase a DVD Player or power monitor speaker, click here.

Curriculum Connections

The classroom technology cart can be used across the curricula.  Virtually all subject areas require the use of web sites or Office documents.  Don't forget the FCPS Weblinks as a resource found in your Application Menu in the Internet folder.  These contain many interactive sites approved by curriculum specialists for elementary and secondary schools.  Many teachers can demonstrate a concept or action using the document camera.  The power monitor speaker is great for amplifying sound from Discovery Streaming videos or when presenting Photo Story or Windows Movie Maker projects.  The DVD player allows a teacher to project his or her favorite high quality digital content on a large screen.


The classroom technology cart can be used for many different reasons.  Here are a few ways that you could use it in class:

  • Sharing or demonstrating the results of a science experiment
  • Demonstrating how to graph an equation or solve a multi-step math problem
  • Watching a clip from an Abraham Lincoln biography housed on Discovery Streaming
  • Demonstrating the creation of a technical drawing in technology education
  • Demonstrating a new concept found on a web site such as TeacherTube or
  • Sharing pre-writing strategies or brainstorming using Inspiration software
  • Creating and sharing content on a classroom wiki or blog
  • There are countless other examples- think of all the teachable moments that can be better explained or demonstrated with this multimedia equipment!

Here are specific ideas for your document camera: 

  • display a completed product or technique so students see an example of what is expected
  • show and tell
  • bring completed math problems up to show how they solved it differently
  • show student work immediately for discussion and assess with rubrics
  • reading to perform a task 

Equipment Needed

The equipment listed here does not all need to be used at once, but some items must be used in conjunction with one another.  Please review the resources at the bottom of this page to see how each piece of equipment gets connected, and how to troubleshoot issues if the medium of choice cannot be viewed on the screen.

  • desktop or laptop computer (not included with a standard cart)
  • cart with shelf and power strip
  • data projector
  • DVD player
  • power monitor speaker
  • audio and video cables (not included with equipment)

Different schools have different equipment.  The equipment purchased for each school was based upon the existing equipment that the school had as well as the number of teaching locations, and was based upon one-time funding from the board of education.  Because of this, you will see a slight variation of models for cart equipment from school to school.  Each model functions similarly, but different settings and user controls make it difficult to produce a tutorial for each specific model that the system has purchased.  The tutorials listed below contain general user guides.  Users can also refer to the manuals that accompany the equipment for advanced features or options.

Tutorials and Resources