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The Promethean ActivSlate is a wireless tablet that works seamlessly with Promethean software such as ActivInspire!  It is not necessary to have an ActivBoard--the ActivSlate can work independently or in conjunction with an interactive whiteboard.  The benefit of using the slate is that students can interact with the lesson by just handing off the light notebook sized tablet.  Teachers can have the freedom to teach from anywhere in the room and are not forced to be near a technology cart, interactive whiteboard or computer.

  Old Activslate   New Activslate


What is new with the ActivSlate 60?
The ActivSlate 60 is smaller and ergonomically designed.  It takes approximately 3 hours to fully recharge via micro USB to PC.  It also offers a replaceable, rechargeable Lithium-Ion battery, which is fully accessible for replacement if necessary. The battery life is at least 400 charge/discharge cycles, minimizing the need for replacements.  (Information from Promethean

Equipment Needed

  • Promethean ActivSlate
  • ActivHub
  • ActivPen
  • Promethean software (ActivInspire--Studio or Primary version)


How to Register Your ActivSlate
  Can't get your Slate to Register??  Try resetting the hub.

Additional Resources
ActivInspire Basics (An ActivInspire flipchart covering the basics of setting up an ActivSlate.)
ActivSlate TroubleShooting (An ActivInspire flipchart covering basic trouble shooting strategies)
Quick Tips for Daily Use (An ActivInspire flipchart to help you practice basic skills needed to use the ActivSlate such as hovering and dragging)
Charging and Battery Use (Quick Tip)
Registering Multiple Slates to a Hub (Quick Tip)
Slate Troubleshooting (PDF File)


Training Resources: