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ActivInspireActivInspire is the newest software from Promethean. The software allows the user of the interactive board access to tools and flipchart pages in order to make interactive digital lessons and presentations.




Curriculum Connections
ActivInspire can be used in any class.  It allows teachers and students to create flipcharts, or digitally interact with a variety of other programs and websites.  Built into ActivInspire are hundreds of resources and simulations that can enhance any lesson.
Equipment Needed
  • Computer (either laptop or desktop) with ActivInspire installed
  • Projector
  • Promethean Board or ActivSlate


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Tutorials and Resources

PDF Quick Guides for Creating Flipcharts in Inspire

 Quick Tips

For more information about Promethean ActivBoards and software, you can visit any one of their sites below:

Promethean Learning Website ScreenshotPromethean Learning - Teacher Support & Professional Development Resources

Quick access to training materials and resources to support professional development.
*Requires users to create a free account and log in.
Promethean Planet Website ScreenshotPromethean Planet - Interactive Whiteboard Community with resources and lessons

Download a lesson from a community of teachers and a reservoir of thousands of flipcharts.
*Requires users to create a free account and log in.



Training Resources: