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The Age of the Interactive Whiteboard is upon us.  It's now the 21st Century and the "Classroom of the Future" has become the "Classroom of Now".  As new schools are constructed, and more schools are renovated, fewer chalkboards are being installed.  Instead, teachers are using technology to engage and connect students with their learning.  A Promethean board paired with a computer and projector create a highly motivating and active learning environment that expands student participation.

Frederick County Public Schools has selected Promethean as it's supplier of Interactive Whiteboards and software.  The Promethean "ActivBoards" are durable, dependable, and easy to use.  Software is included with each board to support student achievment and  learning across all levels.  ActivInspire software allows teachers and students to use pre-made flipcharts and create their own unique lessons.  For more information about this software visit the ActivInspire page.

For troubleshooting tips and tech support, go to Promethean Planet and select Technical Support Forums.


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