Photo Story 3

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Photo Story 3 iconPhoto Story 3 is a Microsoft Windows XP program that is installed on each computer in every migrated school. It is a free program that you can download at home to create digital storytelling. (// You must have Windows Media Player 10 downloaded to use Photo Story 3.



Curriculum Connections

There are many ways to use Photo Story in the classroom. Here are just a few ideas -

Equipment Needed

  • A computer
  • Photo Story 3 software download
  • Pictures
  • Microphone - for narration, if so desired
  • Additional music if you do not like the music provided in the program


Additional Resources

  • Images for Projects - 
    • Please note: For elementary school - Teachers should pull resources ahead of time and place images in a folder for students to pick from.
    • Discovery Streaming - A great place to find images.
    • Pics4Learning - This link is also located under the Multimedia folder on the Application menu.
    • Flickr  - Careful with content!  There are some amazing pictures on this site, but there are also images that are inappropriate for student searching.  Click on Advanced Search, type in the topic of pictures you want to search for,  scroll down to the bottom and select the box next to Creative Commons - "Only search within Creative Commons-licensed content" for pictures that you can use in your projects. Click on the picture you want to download.  You will notice that pictures that allow you to download will have an "All Sizes" button at the top of the picture. Click on this to find the size you desire for your project. Select the size and download it.  Please see the image below for a visual of the previous instructions.
    • Photostory Blank Storyboard: This is a blank template that teachers can use for Photostory projects.  It's a template created in Publisher. To use the template, download it to your computer, open the file, and double-click each picture to change the picture to one that the class will be using together.  This storyboard is  designed to be used to introduce Photostory to your class where each student is using the same pictures.

Image of Rome on Flickr

Training Resources: