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What is Padlet?


Good To Know

  • Students do not need accounts to create a Padlet
  • Information can be added or edited with computers, tablets and phones - multiplatform capable
  • Add text, pictures, videos, links, documents (use PDF if students/parents are viewing)
  • Padlet walls are infinate in size
  • Each sticky note is limited to 150 characters


Setting up your Padlet

  1. To Begin - Click the + sign to create a wall
  2. Now, Click MODIFY WALL
  3. By double clicking anywhere on the wall you can begin adding elements to the wall.  On the right side of the page change the following elements:
  • Profile - Add a title, description and portrait
  • Wallpaper - Choose your wall background from the preloaded images or upload your own.
  • Layout - Choose Freeform or Stream (everything is chronological with Stream)
  • Privacy
    • If you want to save your Padlets create an account and under privacy make them hidden link.  This allows only users that have the URL to edit the Padlet.
    • Under privacy be sure to choose either can view, can write or can moderate
    • Padlets can be password protected
    • Post can be moderated
  • Notifications - Choose email if you want to be notified if someone writes on your Padlet
  • Address - Choose your URL or let Padlet choose one for you
  • Share - Export your Padlet as a PDF, image, Excel etc.  or Embed your Padlet onto your website.  Generate a QR code and have students access the Padlet via phone through the QR code.



Curriculum/Classroom Connections

  • Managing Tasks - Project Planning, Assignment/Homework Posting/Project Information - Project Based Learning
  • Lesson Planning
  • Posting Content for Students - Flipped Classroom
  • Sharing  - have students share what they've learned and resources
  • Question & Answers
  • Collaborative Group Work
  • Digital Portfolio
  • Book Reviews
  • Notes
  • Brainstorming/Discussions
  • Entrance/Exit Ticket
  • Back Channel for Video Discussions
  • Analyze and Share Observations
  • Vocabulary
  • Streams - Use Streams for journaling.  Streams keep everything in chronological order
  • Website

Art Samples

Social Studies Samples

Science Samples

English/Language Arts Samples

Math Samples

math Padlet Sample


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Formatting Text

Padlet Streams

Cynthia Treichler's Wiki Page on Padlet - Nice information from Cynthia Treichler of Prince Williams County Schools

Posting Math Formulas :Use the Online LaTex editor to write your equation/formula.  Copy the math formula/equation/symbol, paste the equation on Padlet, in front and behind the equation insert 2 $ signs  - example:  $$\frac{3}{4}$$  This will show up on Padlet as is a similar but more basic version of a collaboration tool like Padlet