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LiveScribe Pens

What's in the Box When You Purchase the Educator Bundle?

  • LiveScribe Smart Pulse Or Echo Pen
  • Starter notebook
  • charger
  • stylus
  • extra ink cartridge 
  • headphone/microphone
  • My Script software with the 8GB Echo bundle


Using your LiveScribe Smart Pen

Turn on your pen and open your LiveScribe (LS) book to the inside cover.  Use the interactive graphics to...

  1. Set the date, time, right/left hand settings.
  2. Note the advance audio features.
  3. Practice using your pen - try the calculator, change the volume and display brightness level.


Curriculum Connections

Center Based Instruction - Students records their activities at a center and the teacher can then listen/see if the student understood the content.  Directions for the center can be recorded by the teacher or classroom volunteer using the LiveScribe pen.

Make Up Work or Quizzes - The teacher records their quiz or assignment and students who are absent get the exact same quiz or instruction and the teacher's presence is not needed.

  • Make Up Spelling Test
  • Talking Test

    How to:

    • Print out a sheet of LiveScribe Paper from LiveScribe Desktop
    • Copy your test onto the paper through the copy machine
    • Record audio via "dots" before each question
    • Student can use headphones and listen through the LS pen to the directions while taking the test.
      • Student could record their responses - audio and written responses on the test while taking the test using the LiveScribe pen
      • Test could be laminated or put in a protective sleeve to be used over and over while student records responses on another sheet of paper or a bubble sheet.
  • Talking Test Using Dot Labels

Paper Calculator - Each pen comes with a fully functional scientific calculator or do simple calculations on the LiveScribe paper.  The calculator is printed on the inside front cover of any LiveScribe book.  If you don't have a notebook and are working from printed paper you can still use the calculator by...

How to:

  • Be sure your software and firmware are updated to the newest version.
  • Turn the pen on and double tap on the center of the NAV Plus symbol at the bottom of the LiveScribe paper.
  • Now write the word calc or C on the paper and begin writing your problem. 
  • The problem and answer will be displayed on the LED readout. 
  • Watch a demo of this process  - Calculator (calc) HERE and Quick Calc (C) Here (Pulse Pen)

Triangle Calculator - Requires a $2.99 purchase at the App Store

Talking Flashcards - can be applied to most any subject

Students Teaching/Helping Students

How to:

  • Student(s) records explanation on the LiveScribe paper.
  • Teacher uploads the pencast to the LiveScribe website or embeds the pencast to another site
  • To expand further if you use a site that allows comments such as a wiki or blog students can discuss online the process - compare/contrast, give could also be done this way etc.


Tutorials and Resources

Livescribe Pencasting Quick Start Guide

SmartPen K-12 Set Up Guide

Creating and Sharing a Pencast

Creating a MathCast

How To Embed Pencast

How to Add Text Behind a Pencast

Pen Demo 1

Pen Demo 2 - with peripherals and suggested uses

Enlarging Talking Dots for Students With Low Vision or Poor Fine Motor Skills

Flick and Scrub Shortcut

Using QuickLaunch

Applications in Education Website


K-12 Blog - Includes FAQ and Tips and Tricks

Learning With LiveScribe Newsletter

Livescribe In Action

K-12 Education Idea Book

Sign Up to Participate in a SmartPen Introduction Webinar

LiveScribe Desktop Reference Sheet (PDF)

8 Tips to Improve Pencast (PDF)

Top 10 Audio Dot Ideas (PDF)

2011 Pencasting With LiveScribe (PDF)

Getting Started Guide (PDF)

LiveScribe on Twitter

Sound Sticker Quick Start Guide (PDF)

Screencast: How to embed text into a pencast 

PDF Example- pencast with text as watermark image: Sample pencast with embedded text 

Step-by-step: How to embed text into a pencast (note that Adobe Professional is required)


LiveScribe K-12 Newsletters

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Training FlipCharts

Middle School Math PD - Winter 2011

LiveScribe Innovative Institute - Summer 2011

Sept-Oct 2011 Technology Coordinator's Meeting

LiveScribe After School District-Wide Training

ACTT FlipChart

At Your Home School

  1. Have your Technology Coordinator install the LiveScribe Desktop Software for you.  It can be downloaded at: Choose Support and then Download Livescribe Desktop - Windows. 
  2. Register your pen using your FCPS email account.
  • 500 mb of free online storage
  • Allows you to share notes publically or privately

3.  Label your tools -  Remember to always label which book and charger goes with which pen

  • Be sure to practice the naming conventions (school initials, department, pen number) - TJMS Math01, TJMS Math02, TJMS Math03

4. Charge your pen fully through the USB port.

5. Inform students you are recording - post signs, add to course syllabus, add information to your website


Training Resources: