IPod Touch

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Materials Needed

  • iPod Touch
  • iTunes Account - contact your Technology Coordinator to have iTune installed on your computer.  We recommend having all of your classroom devices connected to one school account.


Curriculum Connections

Your iPod Touch can be a: camera, book, drawing canvas, calculator, reference resources, audio recorder, camcorder, video editing stations, movie player, scanner, music instrument, flash drive, presentation station and many more things... 

Free Apps

StoryKit - create electronic storybooks - pictures, sound, text, drawings

Quizlet - practice vocabulary terms

Comic Touch Lite - add speech and thought bubble to images

Google Earth - 

i-nigma or Scan QR Code Reader - watch videos, get information etc (reference), students create QR codes to share content

QR code  Learn more about QR codes.

iTune U - access resources from iTunes University (reference)

WhiteBoard Lite - Collaborative drawing tool

Overdrive - access free books from the public libraries

Clock - Timer, Stopwatch, Alarm


Voice Memos

Notes - record project, research notes

EverNote - save images, drawings, clips of websites etc. in the cloud

Skitch - mark up PDF files, make drawings and upload to EverNote

DocScan (free) DocScanner Pro (cost) - Turn your iPod Touch into a scanner.  Scan pictures, documents etc and upload them.

GPS Direction - locate and follow GPS coordinates


iPod Touch User Guide

iPod Touch Support from Apple

iTunes User Guide

Learning in Hand - Podcasting

Learning in Hand - Dos and Don'ts

Red Clay iPod Touch Wiki - contains lesson plans, app recommendations, general informaiton

UTech Tips - 50 Educational Apps for the iPod Touch

Getting Started With iPod Touch (Guide for Educators) 

 Beginners Guide to iTunes

iPod Touch Custom Guide

Setting up an ITunes account without a credit card

Good to Know

  • Name your devices
  • Sync all devices to one computer
  • Set your wallpaper to your school logo and include a number
  • Set your iPod Touch to automatic sync of all content
  • Make playlist
  • Delete content as needed
  • Configure apps for one touch easy access
  • Label/Engrave devices
  • Set up only one ITunes account for the classroom computer.  Do NOT give students the password.
  • Set up a charging station/cart/tray for all of your devices
  • Set classroom procedures for passing out, turning in and syncing.
  • Secure devices when not being used
  • Have earbuds for each student - dollar store ones work great...No Sharing
  • Set expectations for use - have consequences for misuse.  Consider using a usage contract
  • Don't spend a lot of time trouble shooting problems.  Restore the iPod Touch to factory settings if it is being glitchy - giving you problems.
  • Don't spend a lot of money on expensive accessories - the Dollar Store and Five Below typically have cases, extra cables, earbuds with microphones etc.
  • Treat batteries well and they will last a long time...don't store devices in extreme temperature situations, be sure they are 80% charged and powered off for storage over breaks.
  • Use only microfiber cloths to clean the screens - no liquids
  • Ask questions if you need help, learn/PD, contact your assigned TRT.

Training Resources: