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Inspiration is concept-mapping software that allows users to create simple to advanced concept maps and flowcharts on the fly.  It can be used across the curricula and is a great way to bring together other technologies, such as multimedia files, Office files and web sites. 

Curriculum Connections

Inspiration can be used in any class.  It allows students to quickly compare thoughts and ideas or to create meaning between concepts or actions.  Information can be added and organized in a linear fashion or however the end user prefers.  This allows students to create and manipulate content in a manner which makes the most sense to them.  Once the information is created in diagram view, the user can transfer the information to an outline, and finally export to Microsoft Word where they can finish typing their piece if they choose.  *Please note: Inspiration software comes with work-at-home rights for teachers.  Contact your TRT or your Technology Coordinator for more information.


Please see the persuasive essay.isf file listed at the bottom of the page.

Inspiration web example


Equipment Needed

  • Inspiration 8.0 software
  • Microphone headsets (optional): if you would like to have students record narration on their diagrams

Tutorials and Resources


Video Tutorials (special thanks to Heather McCarthy and Jesse Wisnouse for these videos)


Training Resources: