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Flip Video Camera

The Flip Video Camera creates videos segments that can be imported and edited in MovieMaker software for teachers who want to create bigger multimedia projects.  If you have followed the directions on the Downloading from the Flip page and find that your flip video segment is not recognized by MovieMaker, it could be that you have one of the newer Flip Video Cameras.  Some schools have recently purchased the Flip Video Ultras, which only export videos as .MP4 format, which is not supported by MovieMaker.

How do you know if you have one of the new cameras that only export as .MP4?  Follow the directions on the Downloading from the Flip page.  When you open your folder to view your files, if your video segment looks like this:

Then you know your video segment is exporting as a .AVI file and will successfully import into MovieMaker. However, if you open your folder to view your files and see this:


Then your file is exporting as an .MP4 and will is not compatible with MovieMaker.  This means you have the new version of the Flip Video Camera.  If you try to import the .MP4 into MovieMaker, you will receive this error message:

error message MovieMaker

So how do you get around this problem?  There is a converter located within your Multimedia folder called Winff. This program will allow you to convert your .MP4 video segments to .AVI, which will work with MovieMaker.  (If you are having this issue at home as well, Winff is a free download from the Internet.)


View the tutorial below to use Winff.

Winff Tutorial

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