Google Docs and Forms Advanced for CPD

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February 22, 2010, 9:45-11:30 am

Presented by Technology Resource Teachers:

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Google docs is a great online tool for survey and/or data collection purposes. Through Google docs, a form can be created and its data is easily managed within a spreadsheet. Forms can be turned on to accept responses, and turned off to decline responses. Forms can also be duplicated to use with different audiences. Once data is collected in a spreadsheet through a form, the spreadsheet can be easily shared. Multiple documents uploaded to Google docs can also be easily shared within folders.

Please login to the network with the username and password located on your computer screen. Please use your Google account to login to Google docs and locate a spreadsheet and form you have used before.




  • 9:30-9:40 -- Sign-In, Welcome, and Introductions: What are your goals for this training session?
  • 1) 9:40-9:45 -- Turning Forms On and Off
    Figure 1.1
    Accpeting responses on

    Figure 1.2
    Accepting responses off

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  • 2) 9:45-10:15 -- Duplicating Forms
    Figure 2.1
    Mak a copy

    Figure 2.2                                                                          
    Copy Document?

    Figure 2.3
    Newly named document                                                                             

    Figure 2.4
    New spreadsheet

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  • 4) 10:45-11:00 -- Sharing Folders
    Figure 4.1
    Document categories 

    Figure 4.2

    Create a new folder 

    Figure 4.3
    Folder name 

    Figure 4.4 
    My folders

    Figure 4.5
    Drag docs to folder

    Figure 4.6
    View docs in folder

    Figure 4.7
    Share folder

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  • 5) 11:00-11:30 -- Independent Work Time: Questions? Use this time to work with your form(s).



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