Google Docs for Elementary Physical Education

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Using Google Docs is a great way to set up online forms that gather data from students using computers either in the computer lab or your own instructional area.  Setting up a few laptops in the gymnasium as stations will allow kids to rotate through and take an exit outcome assessment at their own pace.  Each assessment has only a few questions, so each child can complete one in only a few minutes.


What do you need?

1. Each instructor that is creating an assessment will need to have an account with Google Docs.  To get one, go to and click on the "Create An Account Now" link.  If you already have a "Gmail Account" you can also log in with that.

2.  A minimum of one computer with internet connection in your instructional area. (COW Lab laptops will connect wirelessly if COW is in area!)

3.  A little time to learn how to use a Google Form and Spreadsheet.

For more information on using Google Docs, check out our FCPS TRT Google Docs page, or the official Google Help page for using Google Docs.


Getting Started

Once you've set up your Google Docs account, open one of the linked assessments below.  Each online form will originally open in its spreadsheet form, the view that you'll eventually see once all the data is collected from students.  Save this document to your account by clicking File / Make a Copy.  You will now have this doc saved into your personal Google Docs collection.

Renaming this document now that it's yours is a good idea so you can distinguish it from any templates or other assessments.  Keeping the grade level and test name, but add either your last name or the name of your school so you know it's yours.  If you work with multiple schools you may also want to make several copies - one for each school.  This will allow you to distinguish more easily which assesments were used where.

To do this, click File / Make A Copy in the Google Doc immediately after opening the file.

Template for Making Your Own 5 Question Quiz

Exit Outcome Self-Correcting Forms

1st Grade Exit Outcome 5 - Physical Activity

1st Grade- Exit Outcome 4 - Exercise Physiology

2nd Grade - Exit Outcome 5 - Physical Activity

3rd Grade - Exit Outcome 2 - Biomechanical Principles

3rd Grade - Exit Outcome 4 - Exercise Physiology

4th Grade - Exit Outcome 2 - Biomechanical Principles

4th Grade - Exit Outcome 3 - Motor Learning
Note - this assessment is NOT self checking since students are sharing their progress.

4th Grade - Exit Outcome 4 - Exercise Physiology Part 1 (FITT Principle)

4th Grade - Exit Outcome 4 - Exercise Physiology Part 2 (Aerobic?)

5th Grade - Exit Outcome 2 - Biomechanical Principles


Sharing the Form

Each test (form) has it's own link to access.  There are a couple of ways to share this, listed below they are in order from easiest to hardest:

1. Log on to the computer you'll be using, open the Google Form through your account and leave it open for students
(To open the form, go to that file and click Form / Go to Live Form)

2. Before class you can open the form, go to the live form, then drag the URL to a folder in the student drive for students to access

3. Use to make a simple URL for your live form

Note - instruct your students to always click "Return to form" once they've finished an assessment so the next student can begin when they take over that computer.  Expecting your students to log on and off after each form submission will waste a lot of time!


Accessing the grades

Once all of your students have completed the assessment, or whenever you want to see progress, simply log on to Google Docs and open that assessment's spreadsheet.  Notice that the spreadsheet has several "sheets" at the bottom of the page.  The second sheet titled "Scores" will give you a grade for each student who has completed the activity.


Credits, Citations & More Information

The idea for using a Google Doc as a self checking quiz came from Tammy Worcester, an instructional technology consultant, who presented at the MSET Conference in Baltimore, Spring 2011.  All of her helpful directions and a collection of templates can be found on her website.

The first run of using Google Docs in Elementary Physical Education classes was done by Tina Shriver, who used them with laptops from the COW Labs at both Glade and Brunswick Elementary in May and June of 2011.


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