Smarter Searching with Google

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To begin a search at Google, enter the following address into your web browser:
For a more environmentally sensitive search, use:

Since the word Google comes from the word meaning "a million million", don't be surprised if your results are completely out of control.  It would be almost impossible to search through every single source, so try cutting down the volume of your results with a few "hacks".

Use the following words and symbols in your search to help narrow your results.

Put "quotation marks" around words to do a phrase search.
"Google Earth Grade 5 Lessons"

Use the Boolean default words AND and OR in capital letters
Grade 9 AND Life Science will find more specific results compared to Grade 9 OR Life Science

Use (Parenthesis) to group additional terms into a search
biology (grade 9 AND Life Science)

Use a minus symbol to exclude specific words
biology grade 9 AND Life Science - disection

Use a tilde ~ to include a search for synonyms
~ape will also find results with monkey, gorilla, and chimpanzee

Use two periods .. before, between, or after numbers to set a specific number range for a search
Life Science AND Lesson Grades 9..12

For an even more narrow search, use the following special syntax in your search to help narrow your results.

intitle:        restricts search to titles of web pages
intext:        searches only in text of web page
inanchor:    searches only in a page's anchor
site:            allows you to search by top level domain
                    or      site:edu
inurl:           restricts search to web page's URL
filetype:      specify a specific file type to be found in the search
                        filetype:jpeg will find pictures

info:            provides a page of links to more info about a URL
               finds all related pages
 search for phone numbers in both directions
                        phone:FCPS main office

Use the ADVANCED SEARCH and SEARCH WITHIN RESULTS features for an even smarter search.  If you want a quick and easy search, use I FEEL LUCKY and you will be taken directly to the first result of your search query.

There are also "LANGUAGE TOOLS" for translating everything from text to entire websites.