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Google Docs (now known as Google "Drive") is a free online program that allows users to create documents, spreadsheets, and presentations online and share them with others for collaboration.  Educators can share their work with others, collaborate on projects and ideas, and save documents online to access at school or home.  

For example - if you were to make a staff newsletter in Microsoft Word, you could upload the .doc file to your Google Docs account, share it with your staff, and even permit them to make changes to that document.  There's no software to download and all of your work is stored safely online to be accessed from any computer.  You can back up your files so if you lose that precious thumbdrive or have your computer crash, those really important files are waiting for you online in your Google Account including:

  • Google Doc - documents
  • Google Spreadsheets - spreadsheet
  • Google Presentation -  slideshows
  • Google Form - online forms and surveys 

Google Docs 2012 Beginner Tutorial by TechnologyGuru77


Curriculum Connections & Professional Develoment

Google Docs can be used by teachers, students, administrators, curriculum specialists, or anyone in your organization's learning community.  Here are just a few ways Google Docs can support you and your peers:

  • Publish your work online and share links rather than large email attachments and files
  • Organize student activities with shared spreadsheets for scheduling and tutoring
  • Create a "Homework Hotline" document that all teachers can contribute to throughout the school day
  • Upload student projects made in PowerPoint and publish online by embedding slideshows into a school or class website



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Equipment Needed



Getting Started with Google Docs (pdf)

How to Create a Google Form (pdf)


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