Classroom Performance Systems (CPS)

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CPS TypesOverview

The Classroom Performance System (CPS), also known as "clickers" or "remotes" are handheld devices that allow students to respond to surveys or selected response questions anonymously.  Teachers get immediate results without having to grade assessments.   With the CPS software, teachers are able to make their own questions within the software, use PowerPoint presentations, use ExamView banks or tests, or even create a Fast Grade lesson in which students use an assessment that is on paper and enter their answers with the remotes. 



Curriculum Connections

  • Pre-assess before a lesson to differentiate students into learning groups based on their previous knowledge.
  • Assess students to see if they understand the content that is being taught.  This will help you know if you need to reteach.
  • Provide instant feedback to students and enables timely discussion about questions and content.

Equipment Needed

  • CPS Software - Scroll down through the eInstruction Downloads page to "Classroom Performance System (CPS)".  The technology coordinator from your school must download this onto your school computer. 
  • CPS IR, CPS RF, CPS Pulse, or CPS Spark remotes



  • CPS Training Videos - K12 - (Website) - Videos created on how to use CPS version 6.x.  Videos are broken down into different segments.  Watch the video or download the Quick Step Guides.  Click the one that applies to your question.
  • PowerPoint and CPS Tutorial - (PDF) - Learn how to use PowerPoint and the CPS remotes together.

Additional Resources

 Download CPS


Exporting from Pinnacle into CPS - version 6.5

Training Resources: