Kidspiration Basics

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Kidspiration Basics

ViewsPicture View, Writing View

Picture View

Kidspiration Toolbar

Writing View

 Writing View Tool Bar

  • Formatting Toolbar

Formatting Toolbar

  • Symbol Palette

Symbol Palette

Symbol Maker-   Symbol Maker  Allows you to create unique symbols of your own. Once you click on the icon, you will be brought into a simple paint program. Click on DONE when you are finished.

symbol maker tool box


You can bring in your own student’s or your voice into Kidspiration.
You will need to have a working microphone attached to your computer.
Before beginning double check the settings in your control panel for recording sounds.

To record a sound...

  • Click on the symbol you want the sound attached to.
  • Click on Sound, Record  You will see this image –   Record Toolbar   which will allow you to Record and save.
  • There will now be a speaker by the symbol

Word Guide Word Guide icon

The Word Guide dictionary supports vocabulary and reading comprehension by providing easy access to nearly 13,000 words. Each entry includes definitions, recorded speech for pronunciation of the headword, synonyms (if any) and parts of speech. A More Detail button provides access to antonyms, word inflections, syllabication and a pronunciation key.

To use the Word Guide type the word into the Look Up box and click on Look Up.  the definition will appear in the center box.  Synonyms will appear in the lower left box.  Click on the More Detail button for access to access to antonyms, word inflections, syllabication and a pronunciation key.

Word Guide Screen

Goodies – Spell Check

Spell Check Editing Box

Inserting Hyperlinks

Any symbol (or text under the symbol) can be used to create a hyperlink to:

  • A webpage
  • Another image
  • A document on your computer
  • Or email address

To do this: 

  • Select the text
  • From Teacher menu, choose URL or F6 Adding Hyperlinks
  • Enter the address into the hyperlink box and click on OK.
  • If you don’t want the hyperlink to be active – click on Teacher, Application Options
  • Here you can make several choices for student usage of hyperlinks, word-processing programs, the listen tool and more!
  • If you choose AUTO DETECTION, when you type in a web address it will automatically create a hyperlink.

Hyperlink Editing Box


Kidspiration document can be exported or published to a variety of formats. 

To export the file go to:

  • File
  • Scroll to Export
  • Choose the file format you want to use.   Export Dialogue Box

To publish the file:

  • Click the Publish button Publish Button
  • Choose the format you want to use.   Publishing Dialogue Box

Extra: Super Groupers

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