Kidspiration: Activity Wizard (Create or Adjust an Activity)

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Teachers can adjust pre-made Activities in Kidspiration or start a new Activity for students to use by beginning of scratch and using the Picture View, Writing View, or Math View.     

     Kidspiration Options

Let’s take a pre-made Kidspiration Activity and adjust it to meet the needs of students.

  1. Pick an Activity and click, “OK”.
  2. Delete and adjust what you need to on the Activity.
  3. If an item is locked and you want to move it or delete it you must first Enable the Teacher Menu.  When the Password Option box appears click, "OK".  To unlock and item, you need to select it and then click on "Locked Item" under the Teacher Menu.

    Enable Teacher Mode 

    Password Option 


  4. Once you have your Activity ready you need to click on "Save With Activity Wizard" under the Teacher Menu.

    Save With Activity Wizard

  5. Go through the steps to select the various options for your Activity.   Once you come to the last step, you need to name your Activity, type in a description, and click on "Another Location" for the place you would like to save the Activity.  You need to save the Activity in the Student Drive so students have access to it.  Most teachers have a grade level folder with their name on it in the Student Drive.  This is a great place to save the Activity.

    Location and Save on Activity Wizard
  6. Now when students come to the lab they can open Kidspiration from the Productivity folder on the Application Menu.  Once Kidspiration is open, students click on "Open a File" and go to the Student Drive to open the adjusted Activity you made.

    Open a File

Example of an adjusted State/Country Template below:

Original Template

Original Template  

Adjusted Template

Adjusted Template


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