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Google SketchUp, a free downloadable program from Google, allows users to create 3D models in an engaging 3D environment.  Google SketchUp can be used as a stand alone program or in conjunction with Google Earth to design 3D models of buildings at specific locations.  The 3D buildings and structures currently found in Google Earth are all made as .sku files via SketchUp.

On FCPS Computers you can launch Google SketchUp from the Application Menu / Productivity Folder. 

Google SketchUp is also a free download available at   

Google Sketchup version 7 has been installed on all migrated FCPS computers.  During the Summer of 2011 Tech Services plans to update the school computers to version 8.  The new version can be downloaded for free from  The resources below will be updated in August to reflect any changes with the newer Google SketchUp program once it is available.


Curriculum Connections

SketchUp can be used to support STEM and Instructional Technology Initiatives across a variety of grade levels and curricular areas.  Teachers and students can use Google SketchUp to:

  • Visualize geometry and other mathematical concepts
  • Create model buildings and learn about architecture
  • Design full-scale 3D environments
  • Recreate historical settings
  • Illustrate theoretical concepts

More ideas are available on the "SketchUp in the Classroom" PDF created by CUE and WestEd for Google



The following images of student made projects are available from the Google SketchUp Gallery

Click here to see case studies with in depth examples available through Google Docs.


Equipment Needed

  • Google SketchUp (FCPS Computers: Application Menu / Productivity Folder)
  • Note: As of December 2010 FCPS Computers are running Google SketchUp version 7.1


Tutorials and Resources

The Google 3D Warehouse holds many self-paced tutorials in SketchUp or SKP file formats.  These tutorials are excellent for first time users to use while learning to create and assemble attributes and components in a 3-D environment. 

Video Tutorials are also available for those New to Google Sketchup, Familiar to Google SketchUp, or an Expert in Google SketchUp.  Although these video tutorials are currently posted to YouTube, they can also be downloaded from the Google SketchUp Video Homepage to play in Apple QuickTime.

3DVINCI Web Site LogoLesson Plans for teachers using Google SketchUp in grades 3-12 can be found at  Along with a variety of free resources and pre-made puzzles, there is also a Google Teacher SketchUp Guide available in HTML and PDF format that includes both General Design and Math Projects for grades 1-12.

For the complete PDF version of the 3DVinci Google SketchUp Teacher Guide, go to:



Training Resources: