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Frames is a feature-rich, user-friendly software application from Tech4Learning which allows students to create digital stories using stop-motion animation, claymation, and digitial animation.  Students can also use the "green-screen" effect to add any image as a background and transport themselves to remote locations to be part of a news show, travel video, or a history report.  The built-in tutorials and the resources found on the Tech4Learning web site, Recipes4succes, will allow teachers and students to quickly develop engaging educational projects.  To view a video introduction, click here.

Curriculum Connections

Frames can be applied to any curricular area because students are able to create their own animation.  Students can use their creative minds to illustrate any concept or tell any digital story. Frames allows for the use of built in drawing tools and shapes to create traditional cel animation as well as the hands-on creation of clay animation which really hits home with the kinesthetic learners.  Both styles can be used to tell an amazing digital story.


Rube Goldberg Contraption 1 - (Digital Animation)
Rube Goldberg Contraption 1 - (Digital Animation)


Energy Savings (Clay Animation)
Mitosis (Clay Animation)
Cell Division (Clay Animation)
Dinosaurs (Clay Animation)
Pangea (Clay Animation)

Language Arts
Homophones (Clay Animation)
Parable (Clay Animation)

Algebraic Equations (Digital Animation)

Social Studies
Ellis Island
(Simple Animation)

Health / PE
CPR (Clay Animation)

Equipment Needed

  • Networked computer for student access.  Frames has been virtualized in all FCPS Middle Schools and is accessible via the Application Menu in the Multimedia Folder.
  • A trial verion of Frames can be downloaded at  FCPS Teachers can also acquire a work at home release form and software from their school's technology coordinator.
  • If you would like students to record narration on their pictures, you will need microphone headsets or desktop microphones.
  • If you plan on creating a Clay Animation project, you will need the following
    • modeling clay (non-drying) can be obtained from an art teacher or purchased from Impact Office Supplies.
    • Digital Camera
    • Tri-pod or camera stand (optional)

Tutorials and Resources

FCPS Documentation
Frames Toolbar Guide
FCPS STEM Connections

Tech4Learning Material
STEM in the Classroom - a short video describing how Frames can support STEM in the classroom.
Frames in the Secondary Classroom - another short video about how middle school teachers can use Frames.



Level 1 Level 2 Level 3
Clay Animation Idiom Clay Animation Idiom Clay Animation Idiom
Creating Animated GIF Creating Animated Poem Creating Animated News Report
    Using Chroma Key

Quick Tips

Recipes4Success is a tutorial site where you can learn how to use all of the Tech4Learning software products.  These quick tips are called "Snacks."  To find snacks, type a keyword in the SEARCH box on the right side of the page. Below are some common tasks that you may need to do.

List of all Frames "Snacks"
(Level 1)
Common Level 1 Tasks

Adding an image
Importing a folder of images
Pencil Tool
Adding Shapes
Recording Narration
Adding Sound from the Library
Adjusting Volume
Duplicating a frame
Changing the frame order
Changing frame duration
Changing the background color
Use a picture for the background
Adding Transitions between frames
Previewing Your Animation
Spell Check
Saving as a movie

List of all Frames "Snacks" 
(Level 2)
Common Level 2 Tasks

Adding a thought bubble
Adding shadow to text of shapes
Animated text
Animated images
Filling a shape with a picture
Aligning objects in a frame
Changing the layer of an object
Using Chroma Key


List of All Frames "Snacks" 
(Level 3)

Common Level 3 Tasks

Aligning Frames (Onion Skin)
Resizing multiple images
Changing image opacity
Changing default dimensions
Change the default font
Using the pen tool

 Other Resources


Training Resources: