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What is ActivOffice?

A software plug-in that incorporates the interactive features of ActivInspire within Power Point.  The ActivInspire tools are embedded within the PowerPoint menu to quicly access for: annotation, assessment, math tools, revealer, spotlight and data collection.

Why Use ActivOffice instead of ActivInspire with my interactive whiteboard or slate?

  • Simplifies lesson preparation and delivery.
  • Works directly within Power Point
  • Easily integrate assessment using Promethean's Learning Response System (ActivExpressions)

Features: Presentation Toolbar, Question Manager, Annotation, Import/Export Results, Slide Show Toolbox

Materials Needed

  • ActivOffice Installed on your computer.  Contact your school based Technology Coordinator to install ActivOffice.
    • ActivInspire is NOT needed to run ActivOffice.  It is a standalone plug-in for Power Point
    • ActivInspire and ActivOffice cannot be open simutaneously
    • Exisiting Power Point slides can be used with ActivOffice.
    • Previously created question sets can be input through the Question Master
    • Teacher and self pace test can run through ActivOffice
  • Interactive Whiteboard or Slate
  • ActivExpressions to get the full functionality of the software but not required.



Training Resources: