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ActivExpression from PrometheanThe Promethean ActivExpression is a wireless handheld device that allows every pupil to respond to formative and summative assessment questions.  The device works directly with the ActivInspire software and doesn't require any additional software or programs.  Questions can be asked on the fly using the "ActivPoll" tool in the flipchart, or preloaded by the teacher when designing the flipchart.  The devices allow students to answer multiple-choice, true/false, and yes/no questions using the "hotkeys" located next to the LCD screen.  Users can also send in "text messages" and numeric answers using the phone style keyboard.



Equipment Needed

  • Promethean ActivHub
  • Set of ActivExpressions



Voting with ActivExpressions
This .pdf file is very helpful to teachers and an excellent guide for introducing the devices.  Inserting questions in ActivInspire is covered as well.

Creating Questions in a Flipchart for ActivExpressions
Use this .pdf when you're ready to build a flipchart with pre-made questions.


Additional Resources

Flipchart for introducing ActivExpressions to your students

For more help with ActivExpressions, visit the Promethean support page at Promethean World , or download more ActivExpression introductory flipcharts at Promethean Planet.

Can't get your ActivExpressions to register or rename??  Try resetting the hub.