Class Dojo

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Class Dojo


Class Dojo is a free, web-based tool designed to help teachers improve student behavior in their classrooms quickly and easily.  It instantly reinforces good behavior by allowing teachers to easily award feedback points for behavior in class in real-time with the click of a smartphone, interactive whiteboard or computer.  It captures and generates data on student behavior so that teachers can share reports with parents and administrators.  


Curriculum Connections/Examples

  • Primary students can connect their name to their photo and be able to identify those names of their classmates (Common Core Standards RF1.d, RF3.c, L2.a)
  • Teachers can adapt behavior names and icons (teamwork, participation, persistence, etc.) to reflect and reinforce classroom and school rules
  • Class goal setting such as attendance, reading books, turning in homework, etc.
  • Track behavior no matter if you are on a field trip, going to specials, the computer lab, or are a teacher who travels to many classrooms

Equipment Needed

  • A computer connected to the internet and an email address to set-up a free account.  Go to Class Dojo to set-up an account today.
  • Smartphone (optional).  To set-up your smartphone as a classroom remote control, go to  You will need your log-in details to your Class Dojo account to set-up the smartphone feature.  Or, get the free Class Dojo app from the Apple Store.  You can select multiple students and even shake your device to select a random student! 


Take the Welcome Tour (Must be logged in to Class Dojo)

Class Dojo Knowledge Base (Must be logged in to Class Dojo)

Class Dojo Share Page

Class Dojo Information Handout

Class Dojo Parent Letter (editable Word document)

Class Dojo Parent Letter in Spanish (editable Word document)

ICT Magic "Little Monster of the Week" Certificate (editable Word document)

ICT Magic Name/labels badges (editable Word document)

ICT Magic Stickers (editable Word document)

Class Dojo You Tube Channel (video tutorials)

Class Dojo Promethean Presentation (flipchart)

Class Dojo PowerPoint Presentation

Class Dojo Prezi


Visit Class Dojo's You Tube Channel for the latest video tips!  Always login with FCPS username/password to view YouTube videos at school.

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