CPS Chalkboard

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What is CPS Chalkboard?

The CPS Chalkboard is a wireless, handheld tablet. What makes it so great?  Students can interact with the lesson by just handing off the small handheld tablet. Great for teachable moments and very motivating for student participation! Teachers can have the freedom to teach from anywhere in the room! That means you are not "glued" to the technology cart, interactive whiteboard, or computer. 

To get started with your CPS Chalkboard, follow the steps below.

Step 1:  Charge the Chalkboard

Step 2:  Connect the USB Receiver 


Step 3: Power-On the Chalkboard and Sync with the Receiver

If the chalkboard doesn't connect, you may then need to hit the sync button.

Step 4: Using the Chalkboad and Pen
Using your CPS Chalkboard will take a little practice, but in a little time you'll find it just as easy as your favorite mouse.  Here are a couple shortcuts to help you get started.

To move the mouse = "hover" the pen over the surface of the board.

To left click = tap the pen on the board once, twice to double click

To right click = press the bottom pen toggle switch

To scroll = press the upper pen toggle switch

The CPS Chalkboard comes with either RM Easiteach or CPS Workspace.  The Chalkboard, however, does not require any special software or drivers to operate as a wireless interactive board.  This means you can write directly overtop your PowerPoint presentations. When you are in the "View" mode of the slideshow, a toolbar appears in the bottom left-hand corner. Click on the pen icon and start writing! You can even save the annotations if you'd like at the end of your presentation.

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