Saving an Activity as a Template

Many teachers like to create activities for students to complete within Pixie. If the teacher wants the students to all be able to access this activity in the computer lab at the same time, then the activity must be saved as a template on the Public Drive. Why the Public Drive instead of the Student Drive? Students have rights to delete and change items saved to the Student Drive.  On the Public Drive, students have rights to open documents, but they do not have rights to delete or change objects on the Piblic Drive.

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What is Pixie?
Pixie is a drawing and painting program that allows children to express their creativity and practice much needed educational concepts. If you go to File > Open Activity on the Pixie toolbar, you can access educational templates that are ready for your students. You can also create your own activities for students to complete within Pixie.

a. Basics

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Pixie Quick Tip: Importing Pictures as Stickers

Do you want the ability to import pictures into Pixie, but not so that the picture imports as the entire background of the slide?  These pictures do not move from the background. 

Did you know that you can open up pictures in Pixie as movable stickers?  Instead of opening through the "Open" menu, you will go to "Stickers."  Click on the folder icon to open up your saved picture. 

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