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Makin' Movies by Joe Brennan

While searching through the Discovery Educator's Network Blogs I found this great PowerPoint Slideshow that explains some really important concepts to include when teaching students how to make movies.  Connections to Language Arts and Writing Skills are really powerful and help make the point that making a movie really is a "writing project".  Check it out below...

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Movie Maker Quick Tip: Deleting a Collection

Collections are folders of media that you have imported into Movie Maker when creating a movie.  Since collections remain imported from project to project, teachers often want to delete a few of their collection folders to clean up the screen.  To do this, first click on the "Collections" button from the top menu until you see this view below:

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Movie Maker Quick Tip: Saving as a Project vs. Saving as a Final Movie

Many teachers are confused about the 2 different ways to save in Movie Maker.  Let's take a look at why would need to save in different ways in Movie Maker.

1.  The first way you can save is as a "project", which indicates you are NOT done with the movie and you need to come back to it at a later time to finish it.  You can save a project at any time in the program by clicking "Save Project" from the top menu. (see below)

Movie Maker save project1

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Movie Maker Quick Tip: Taking a Still Picture from a Video Segment

Are you frustrated that you can't find the perfect picture for your multimedia project but can find the image in a video segment in Discovery Streaming (United Streaming)?  If you download the video and import it into Movie Maker, you can take a picture from the video!  To do this, import the video.  Drag it on the storyboard.  Play the movie until you reach the frame that you want to take the picture of and pause it.  Once the video is paused, you can click the button "Take Picture" on the lower right.  Movie Maker takes a picture from the video, saves it automatically in "My Pictures" and

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Movie Maker Quick Tip: Muting the Audio in a Video Segment

Why would you want to mute the audio to a video segment in Movie Maker?  As a classroom teacher, this makes it easy for students to take a video segment from Discovery Streaming and record their voice over it with the facts that they have researched in class.  To mute the audio of a segment, you need to be in timeline view.  Then select the video, click "Clip" --> "Audio" --> "Mute".  If you have more than one video segment, you will need to repeat this process multiple times.  (See picture below)

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