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Google Docs (now known as Google "Drive") is a free online program that allows users to create documents, spreadsheets, and presentations online and share them with others for collaboration.  Educators can share their work with others, collaborate on projects and ideas, and save documents online to access at school or home.  

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Google Calendar Quick Tip: Copy Event

If your school has multiple Google Calendars this tip might be for you!  A Tech Coordinator at one of my schools shared that their school has a Google Calendar for each computer lab at school for scheduling extra lab time.    

Now here's the time saving tip--teacher's add or edit the event on the lab calendar and then just copy the event from the lab calendar to their class calendar.  

Click once on the event and the bubble below will appear.  Click on "copy to my calendar." 

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Google Calendar Quick Tip

Many teachers are using the embeddable Google Calendar to post student homework on their class website, wiki or blogs.  Google Calendar can be set up to only show the school week and not include weekends.  Follow these simple directions: 

1.  Click on the "Settings" link under the list of calendars. 

2. Select the "General" tab.  Scroll down to the "Show Weekends" section and choose "No." 

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