Posting audio files on teacher home pages

Some teachers don't know it, but they can easily post content on their school web page that goes beyond text and pictures. 

Posting audio files is a great way for teachers to share class messages with parents and students.  Some student activity prompts can also be posted online.  Students can listen to the file and then perform the appropriate task. 

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Hooray for Audacity 1.2.6

A new version of Audacity has been deployed to all schools which has made exporting your Audacity files as a mp3 a breeze for teachers and students!  No more searching for the Lame Encoder in the I:Drive!  Now when you choose Export as Mp3 from the File menu it immediately prompts you to save as a .mp3.  Next, just fill out the ID3 tags for the Title, Artist, Album, Track, and Genre.  You are now ready to open and listen to your mp3 recording.  Hooray for Audacity 1.2.6! 

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