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Promethean Software: Spanish Characters on the On-Screen Keyboard

Spanish teachers have wondered how to get Spanish characters onto flipcharts in Activstudio and Activinspire.  While looking through Promethean Planet's forum, I found that this was possible.

First, you need to click on the "on-screen keyboard" button keyboard button located in the Power Tools.

Then when the keyboard appears, click on the "S" on the right-hand side.  This will change your English keyboard to a Spanish keyboard. (see picture below)


ActivPrimary Technique: Magic Revealer

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In order to create a Magic Revealer, you have to have an understanding of the layers in ActivPrimary.  When in Design Mode, right-click to change the layers or positions of the objects you are working with.  The magic revealer should be set "to front," the object to be hidden should be on the "middle" or "bottom" layer.  The object covering it should be on the "top" layer.  The easiest way to use a Magic Revealer is to take an existing one from someone's created flipchart.  In Design Mode, click and drag the existing Magic Revealer to the bottom of the screen in your Resource Library.  When you want to use a Magic Revealer, just drag it onto your flipchart page.  Attached at the bottom of this blog is a flipchart with detailed step-by-step directions to walk you through the process of creating your own Magic Revealer or act as a resource to take existing magic revealers. 

ActivPrimary Technique: Rub and Reveal

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The Rub and Reveal is a technique where words are shown by erasing the top layer of pen color.  Simply type text, write over it with the pen tool so that the text is hidden.  Students can use an eraser tool in the Pens, Highlighters, and Erasers toolbar to reveal the hidden text.  This is an easy but effective way to reveal an answer after students have had time to figure a problem before discussing with the class. 

ActivPrimary Technique: Resource Bucket

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A Resource Bucket is a presentation technique where objects or words are hidden behind an object and revealed by students when they click and drag the items from the bucket. 

1.  In Design Mode (Promethean man boxed in red), create your bucket such as a rectangle, purse, bank, etc. 

2.  Right click on your bucket and select Top Layer. 

3.  Right click on your bucket and select Lock.

4.  Go back to Presentation Mode by clicking on the Promethean man boxed in red and the Promethean man in the menu.

5.  Put items that are smaller than your bucket behind it by clicking and dragging them until they are hidden.  (Ex.  coins, counters, words, pictures, etc.)

6.  When students use the ActivPen, they can click and drag to reveal all of the hidden objects from the Resource Bucket. 

This is great for a word bank of vocabulary words, money in a piggy bank or anything you want to add some mystery and excitement to in ActivPrimary. 


Teacher using ActivPrimaryDescription

ActivPrimary is software for young learners that works with the Promethean ActivBoard. 





Curriculum Connections

ActivPrimary can be used in any class.  It allows teachers and students to create flipcharts, or digitally interact with a varitey of other programs and websites.  Built into ActivPrimary are hundreds of resources that can enchance any lesson.

Equipment Needed

  • Computer (either laptop or desktop) with ActivPrimary installed
  • Projector
  • Promethean Board or ActivSlate

Tutorials and Resources

For more information about Promethean ActivBoards and software, you can visit any one of their sites below:

Promethean World - Official Corporate Website for Promethean

Learn more about Promethean Boards and the company's vision

Promethean Learning - Teacher Support & Professional Development Resources

Quick access to training materials and resources to support professional development.
*Requires users to create a free account and log in.

Promethean Planet - Interactive Whiteboard Community with resources and lessons

Download a lesson from a community of teachers and a reservoir of thousands of flipcharts.
*Requires users to create a free account and log in.




Promethean Resources

The Age of the Interactive Whiteboard is upon us.  It's now the 21st Century and the "Classroom of the Future" has become the "Classroom of Now".  As new schools are constructed, and more schools are renovated, fewer chalkboards are being installed.  Instead, teachers are using technology to engage and connect students with their learning.  A Promethean board paired with a computer and projector create a highly motivating and active learning environment that expands student participation.

Frederick County Public Schools has selected Promethean as it's supplier of Interactive Whiteboards and software.  The Promethean "ActivBoards" are durable, dependable, and easy to use.  Software is included with each board to support student achievment and  learning across all levels.  ActivInspire software allows teachers and students to use pre-made flipcharts and create their own unique lessons.  For more information about this software visit the ActivInspire page.

For troubleshooting tips and tech support, go to Promethean Planet and select Technical Support Forums.


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