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Lewistown PTA Meeting: Online Safety & Balanced Screen Time

 Keeping children safe online is a job all of us must do together!

Tonight we will share some examples of great technology tools being used in your child's classroom: Promethean ActivBoards, wireless laptops, websites, and software.  But how can you help insure that your child is "balancing screen time" and using these same tools safely when at home?

Mission Control for 4th Graders?

 Carroll Manor, we are ready for takeoff... for a trip around the state of Maryland!

4th graders at Carroll Manor Elementary have started their STEM project about Maryland using Google Earth to show their understanding of the different areas of Maryland.  From the coastal plains, to the Allegheny mountains, the students are building their own personal tours of Maryland starting in Ocean City and ending in Garrett County.

Texting in class? Nope. They're TESTING in class!

At first glance it may look like the student on the left is texting on his phone during class, but he's actually texting on task.  Students in Mr. Van Bloem's AP English class at Walkersville High School are using Promethean ActivExpressions to complete a practice test on George Washington.

Training Resources: 

Math Doesn't Have To Be a Nightmare, Use Dreambox!

A new tool available to FCPS teachers, www.dreambox.com, can help make math fun and engaging for your students.  Used either as an instructional tool for the entire class, or with individual student logins, Dreambox offers easy to follow lessons, practice games, and assessments.  The best part is that kids see each item as a game!


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