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How to embed text in a Livescribe pencast

Livescribe allows a user to create a pencast, which is a video recording of one's pen strokes and voice.  This is a great way for teachers to explain a process to students.  There is a way to embed printed text (ie, a worksheet) into a pencast.  Watch the 4 minute video below to see how this process works.  Enjoy!  

For those that cannot see the embedded video properly displayed, go here to watch the video. 



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Posting audio files on teacher home pages

Some teachers don't know it, but they can easily post content on their school web page that goes beyond text and pictures. 

Posting audio files is a great way for teachers to share class messages with parents and students.  Some student activity prompts can also be posted online.  Students can listen to the file and then perform the appropriate task. 

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FCPS secondary schools have Vision

All secondary schools have Vision Classroom Management software installed.  On Monday, many teachers, tech coordinators and other school personnel took part in a training for this title.  Participants got a chance to see how Vision can be used to manage all computers in a classroom or computer lab.  For more info on Vision, check out the TRT Vision page at

Welcome back!

Welcome back to a new school year!

This year looks to be a great year for FCPS teachers.  Our system was able to purchase newer desktop machines to replace older desktops that were not able to adequately handle the demanding processes that today's multimedia programs require.  Try to use one of the new machines: watch how well streamed videos play and how much faster programs like Pixie and Photoshop are able to load! 


micca logoMICCA was held a couple weeks ago at the Baltimore Convention Center.  It is an annual technology conference for Maryland educators and administrators.  Many vendors presented their newest products and many presenters shared their knowledge and experiences with educational software and hardware. 

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Saving energy with classroom electronics

Much attention is being paid to energy conservation nowadays.  You see information on commercials and online about hybrid cars, fuel efficient SUVs, energy-saving lightbulbs and double-paned, argon-insulated windows.  Those measures can be effective, but expensive at the same time.  What are some ways you can conserve energy in your work place or classroom?

Do you use technology appropriately?

Remember that appropriate technology integration is important for our students to create meaning or enhance their understanding of a topic.  Here is a humorous example by Don McMillan: how integrating technology can go wrong when not used properly.  This video requires flash player to view it.



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