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Removing Marquee Handles from Objects - ActivInspire

Students may accidentally resize objects when trying to click and drag them across the board. Removing marquee handles is helpful to avoid having this problem.

Follow the directions below to remove them from objects.  Be sure to save these settings under profile you have named appropraitely for students.

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Kidspiration: Activity Wizard (Create or Adjust an Activity)

Teachers can adjust pre-made Activities in Kidspiration or start a new Activity for students to use by beginning of scratch and using the Picture View, Writing View, or Math View.     

     Kidspiration Options

Let’s take a pre-made Kidspiration Activity and adjust it to meet the needs of students.

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Using the eInstruction CPS Clickers with ActivInspire

Have you found some ActivInspire flipcharts that have multiple choice questions on them? You may be using dry erase boards or journals to have students write down their answers as you go through the slides. The questions in ActivInspire are meant to work with the ActivVotes and/or ActivExpressions

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