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iVideoCamera icon iVideoCamera is a $0.99 app by Laan Labs that enables video recording (with effects!) on 2G, 3G, and 3GS iPhones. Effects include Vintage Video, Infinite Zoom, Breaking News and Spy Cam, to name a few.

I Need My Teacher To Learn 2.0.mov by Kevin Honeycutt

A great video capturing the gap between students who are "digital natives" and teachers who are "digital immigrants" and the firewall that always seems to create additional boundaries. The irony is that this video is posted to YouTube, a site blocked by most school firewalls.

Find more resources for instructional technoloyg from Kevin Honeycutt at kevinhoneycutt.org/.

Math Investigations and Technology

Follow the notes for each page to deconstruct the interactivity of this Flipchart. See how one teacher, Michael Hakkarinen - 5th grade at Lewistown Elementary School, implements available technology to enhance his instruction of Math Investigations. This Flipchart is inteneded for use on December 3rd as a 15 minute warm-up with 1st and 2nd year teachers participating in the Great Expectations course.

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